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Arts Administration Alumni Association

Welcome to the alumni pages of the Arts Administration Program! The purpose of these alumni pages are two-fold: “How can we serve you?” and “How can you serve us?”

How can we serve you? On this site, you will find resources including links to job and community boards, spotlights on our illustrious alumni, a calendar for alumni events, and our A4 (Arts Administration Alumni Association) Newsletter. We want to continue to be available to you when you have questions or need help. Our student/teacher relationship is no more, but we are colleagues now, and we still want to see you succeed in all you do.

How can you serve us? We also want you to have an opportunity to give back, and to help lift the current students up. This site will be a place where you can choose how much to be involved. Do you want to serve on the A4 Board? Perhaps help current students with case studies or capstones? Maybe even be a special guest in one of our classes? Do you want to simply donate monetarily? You will be able to opt-in to those experiences here.

We are so proud of all of our alumni, and we love seeing you do great things as you advocate for the arts. As such, we want to strengthen and organize our network as we continue to provide you with opportunities to grow. You know what they say: Learning Lives Forever.

- Rachel

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