Admission & Portfolio for Art & Design Students

Admission is initially open, however, all Art & Design majors are required to schedule a Foundation Review through the department secretary during the semester that the student’s combined ART and ARTH (Art History) credits total 24 or more.  This review may require repetition of courses, deny entrance, or grant acceptance into a degree program.  The student must bring to the review examples of actual work from each ART studio class that they have taken or, in the case of the Art History degree, examples of their writing about art. 

The student will be notified, in writing, of the action of the review committee.  Transfer students in Art & Design are subject to a portfolio review to determine transferability of art courses taken at other schools. The student should arrange this with the department secretary in their first semester at SUU. This will coincide with their Foundation Review if they have approximately 24 credits in ART and ART HISTORY (ARTH).