Art and Design FAQ

We offer an in depth, personalized learning experience with abundant opportunities for undergraduate students to develop skills, find their own unique artistic voice, and exhibit their art work. Many of our studio art students have been accepted into prestigious graduate schools. While students at SUU, they have shown their work in professional state, regional and national competitions. Design students have become practicing designers. SUU art education students have jobs teaching at the secondary and college levels.

The SUU Art and Design faculty are committed to superior teaching and encourage academic excellence. As professional artists and designers with diverse backgrounds, we take pride in our position as role models for our students.

Other opportunities, such as study abroad, are encouraged and arranged by the department faculty for qualified students.

The SUU Art and Design Department offers a broad range of studio classes in all media, taught by faculty members who are practicing artists and have distinguished themselves in their respective fields. Some faculty have international reputations.

After 24 art and design credits, students undergo a Foundation Review to secure placement in specific programs.

Our programs are rigorous, ambitious, balanced, competitive, and inspirational. Because of this training, many of our students have received teaching assistantships and other financial support to continue their education in graduate programs. Numerous SUU students have secured jobs as designers and teachers after graduation.

Creativity opportunity is what we are about here in the Art and Design Department. Faculty see their responsibility as helping students to clarify their creative ideas and then execute them. To nourish and inspire creativity students are exposed to ideas, artwork, visiting artists, traveling exhibits and are taken on field trips to cultural centers, and national conferences. The campus gallery and display venues provide opportunities for exhibition of student work throughout the school year. Students also participate in regional and national competitions.

Careers in art and design include: advertising artist, animator, appraiser, architectural modeler, architectural renderer, art administrator, art conservator, art director, art teacher, art therapist, audiovisual artist, designer, automobile designer, billboard artist, book designer, calligrapher, cartographer, cartoonist, costume and mask designer, craftsperson, curator, display designer, drafter, environmental designer, exhibit designer, filmmaker, cinematographer, camera person, film editor, visual effects, film graphics, furniture designer, gallery owner, glaze technologist, greeting card artist, illustrator (medical, scientific, industrial, fashion, book, magazine), industrial designer, interior designer, art consultant, jewelry designer, landscape architect, layout artist, lithographer, mural artist, package designer, painter, printmaker, photographer (advertising, publishing, architectural, portrait, scientific, corporate, industrial), photojournalist, product designer, product planner, set designer, sculptor (portrait, mold maker, glass carver/etcher, architectural sculptor) sign painter, silkscreen artist, stained glass artist, studio potter, textile designer, toy designer, typographer, urban designer, visualizer, wallpaper designer, weaver, web designer, window designer.

A graphic design degree can lead to jobs in many different areas that involve visual communication as it relates to business and marketing, from web design positions to publication and print design positions. Students are also well prepared for jobs in multimedia firms, advertising agencies, and in-house design departments for major corporations, to name a few positions.

Yes. The Department offers licensure in secondary art education. SUU’s College of Education enrolls more than 1,500 students and is nationally accredited. Working collaboratively with SUU’s accredited College of Education, the Department has trained and placed strong, passionate teachers in the public schools.

You must first apply to SUU, then declare yourself an Art major with the Registrar's Office. Lower division students (freshmen/sophomore) students may declare an art major and take the required art core classes. Upper division status for art majors is granted upon the successful completion of the Foundation Review.

The Department of Art and Design holds portfolio reviews for art scholarships in the spring of every year. Students may apply for scholarships in the areas of: art history, photography, drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, graphic design, illustration and art education. For information on scholarship deadlines and requirements please contact the Art and Design Department office. Visit our scholarship page.

Students may participate in the SUU Ceramics Guild, Walking Lizard Printers Guild, Photography club, Plein Air Society, Art Education Club, or the Graphic Design Club.

Art Insights is an opportunity for students to meet weekly (Thursday nights at 7 p.m.) to observe stimulating and informative presentations by visiting artists, to learn about their work and career paths, and to attend gallery openings. Art majors are required to take eight semesters and minors four semesters of Art Insights.