Scholarships & Financial Aid for Art & Design

Talent based scholarships are available to Art and Design majors who are new freshmen, transfer students, and continuing students upon portfolio review. They may be stacked with academic scholarships only up to the price of tuition. These are talent based scholarships and are primarily awarded on artistic merit and not necessarily GPA. GPA will most often be used in the case of a tie-break.

Application Deadline:   February 23, 2024

Required Documents

  • Transcripts
  • Portfolio of 12-20 pieces, appropriate to academic level and major area of study.
  • Resume

Notes on Transcripts

  1. Transcripts should be in a PDF file format.
  2. New freshmen should provide high school transcripts
  3. Transfer students should provide a transcript from their previous institution
  4. Continuing students should provide an unofficial transcript from SUU.

Notes on Portfolio

  1. 12–20 pieces of your best work
  2. Work should be photographed well and on a black, white, or neutral background. Digital files direct from the computer are appropriate for those working in digital media.
  3. Videos are accepted for media requiring motion or 3D work.

Notes on Resume

Please include a brief resume highlighting your successes as an artist or designer. Include contact information, work experience, education, and any related awards, exhibitions, and recognition.

Program areas in which scholarships are awarded are Studio Arts and Graphic Design. Studio Arts has four emphasis areas:

  • Ceramics/Sculpture
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Painting/Drawing/Printmaking

Arts & Design Application  Art History Application 

Applications are submitted using There is a $5 fee per applicant.