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Art History Major

A Liberal Arts Degree that focuses on art and design and its history in the context of a broad program of general studies.

This degree will provide a foundation for the student to conceptualize, process and critique art and design within a historical context, to understandingly place works of art and design in their historical and stylistic context, and to think, speak, and write clearly and effectively regarding art and design and about its relationship to society. Careers for graduates with an art history BA include positions in all areas of the gallery and museum professions, librarianships in fine arts and special collections, private and public institutional staff positions in digital collections management, slide librarianships, image database design positions, art cataloguing positions, art library directorships, archiving and research positions, art criticism and art journalism for newspapers, periodicals and web-based outlets, creative art and design work, and of course graduate studies in art, art history, or museum studies which could lead to advanced careers in higher education, research and curatorial work.

Approved Languages: Four semesters of a single foreign language are required. French, German or Italian are the approved languages for students who plan to continue their education in art history at the graduate level, but another language may be substituted provided that the student can offer a compelling reason for the substitution which relates to his or her particular art history-related interests. Students should consult with Art History faculty regarding any substitution.

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