Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design (BFA)


The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Graphic Design is a professional degree which focuses on intensive work in art and design supported by a program of general studies. This degree provides a foundation for the student; to develop strategies to solve communication problems and design effective communication products.



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Why Graphic Design?

Graphic design surrounds us: websites, signage, books, advertisements, labels, packaging, symbols, magazines, posters, interactive DVDs. Graphic design is the study of effective visual communication and the art of presenting information in an engaging way to a specific audience. Graphic design as a discipline has a rich history, yet it is always firmly embedded in contemporary culture, business practices, and current technology. Students who graduate with a BFA in Graphic Design at SUU will create a professional portfolio that showcases their work in both print and interactive design.

Courses focusing on branding, web and interactivity, print publications and packaging are just a few of the classes in a project-based curriculum. Emphasis is placed on real-world problem-solving, while allowing room for experimentation and growth for each student.