Bachelor's Degree in Studio Arts: Photography (BFA)


The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Studio Arts with a Photography Emphasis is a professional degree that focuses on the intensive study of both the technical and conceptual aspects of photography supported by a program of general studies. This degree develops students’ understanding of and skill in the production of lens-based images in contemporary culture. The coursework emphasizes visual literacy by educating the students’ viewpoint and equipping the student with the necessary skills to develop, progress, and execute their ideas.



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Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the degree, students must exhibit creative ability and potential in the visual arts, problem-solving ability, self-motivation, and the ability to demonstrate their competency in the medium by developing a body of work for evaluation and exhibition.

The Department of Art and Design at Southern Utah University has a faculty of committed artist/educators who guide and involve their students in many small group and individual endeavors that promote aesthetic and critical thought and skills. The Art Insights is a unique enlightening, energizing and unifying program where students can encounter and discuss an incredible variety of art and design, and meet faculty, visiting artists and students with similar interests and challenging differences.

Graduates will have developed competencies in the principles and techniques of communicating information, ideas, moods, and feelings through the creation of photographic images, which may prepare individuals to be professional photographic artists. Includes instruction in design, camera and equipment operation and maintenance, lighting, composition, printing media, color and special effects, photographic art, photographic history, the photography of various subjects. They will have worked with current technologies related to photography and digital design. They will develop a body of work that will enable them to promote a career and/or apply for further graduate studies.