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The Bachelor of Arts (BA)/Bachelor of Science (BS) in Studio Arts focuses on art and design in the context of a broad program of general studies. This degree provides a foundation for the student; to conceptualize, process, produce and critique art and design, to understandingly place works of art and design in their historical and stylistic context, and to think, speak and write clearly and effectively regarding art and design and about its relationship to society.

Students must exhibit; creative ability and potential in the visual arts, problem-solving ability, ability to understand connections with other disciplines such as languages, math, science, psychology and sociology, and the self-discipline to initiate, develop, and complete projects.

The Department of Art and Design at Southern Utah University has a faculty of committed artist/educators who guide and involve their students in many small group and individual endeavors that promote aesthetic and critical thought and skills. The Art Insights program is a unique enlightening, energizing and unifying program where students can encounter and discuss an incredible variety of art and design, and meet faculty, visiting artists and students with similar interests and challenging differences.

Opportunities for graduates might include work in a gallery, museum or arts organization, reviewing, writing about or critiquing art for a newspaper, magazine or periodical, creative art and design work, or additional studies in art, art history, or museum studies.

The degree requires approximately four years of study.

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BA/BS 4YR Degree Schedule

3 Year Degree

As of 2019-2020, the BA/BS area is set-up for SUU's 3 year degree program. Students are able to graduate with a Bachelor of Art or Bachelor of Science in Art in 3 years with the addition of a robust summer offering. Please find the 3 YR Degree Schedule below.

BA/BS 3YR Degree Schedule