Ballroom Dance Company Booking Information

Over the past thirteen years the Southern Utah University Ballroom Dance Company has developed a reputation for excellence as they have performed for audiences both nationally and internationally. Audiences of an SUU Ballroom Dance Company performance are treated to breathtaking lifts, beautiful costumes and a spectacular variety of ballroom dances ranging from the exciting samba of Brazil to the majestic waltz of Vienna. Audiences are equally entertained as the dancers demonstrate their diverse talents, moving their showcase smoothly between elegant formation routines and fast-paced rhythmical pieces.

In 2009 the SUU Ballroom Dance Company will feature their touring showcase, Simply Ballroom. This multi- award winning production features 21 different ballroom dances in a 90 minute family friendly program, perfect for theaters, performing arts centers, and all other performing arts venues. The SUU Ballroom Dance Company maintains a touring program that typically reaches more than 75 cities throughout various countries annually. With more than 100 performances each year, this professional-level ensemble delights and uplifts thousands worldwide.

For more information on booking the SUU Ballroom Dance Company, including rates, scheduling and any other questions, please contact Jessica Alejandro, Company Director, at 978-866-5722 or by email at