Contribute to Ballroom Dance

As we prepare for the future there continues to be unique opportunities for the Ballroom Dance Company, to perform, travel, compete, and grow as a company. Due to the tremendous costs associated with these activities, they are not possible without financial support. Your gift to the Ballroom Dance Company will help defray these costs and give students opportunities that are not possible without your contribution. It is crucial we gain your support in order to accomplish our goals and continue in the future.

We ask you to make a gift that will help support the Southern Utah University Ballroom Dance Company. You can be part of this amazing opportunity as your contribution directly helps students have unique, once in a lifetime experiences. I encourage you to determine how much you can help and make a difference in the student's lives today by becoming an SUU Ballroom Dance Company booster.

SUU Ballroom Dance boosters are entitled to special incentives such as tickets, premium seating and more.

How to give

Gifts to the SUU Ballroom Dance Company can be made online. Please fill out the online form. Be sure to list on the form under the line item "other", that your contribution will go to the Ballroom Dance Company.

Ways to give

  1. Ballroom Dance General Operating Fund - Contributions to this fund support the operating costs of the Ballroom Dance Company.
  2. Ballroom Dance Student Scholarship Fund - Contributions to this fund provide scholarship money to students in need of assistance with annual tuition costs.
  3. Ballroom Dance Special Projects Fund - Contributions to this fund can be assigned to specific projects such as tours, performances, or other desired projects.

Examples of what a gift can do

  • $5,000 will pay for the gas for the company to travel to perform on their ten day mid-semester tour.
  • $2,500 will pay for one set of ballroom dance costumes to be used at competitions and performances.
  • $1,500 will pay for the rental of a theater for one performance.
  • $1,000 will pay for one scholarship to assist a student with the cost of their education.
  • $750 will pay for the company's entry fees at one competition.
  • $500 will pay for one meal for the company on a performance tour.