Pregnancy-Related Support for Students

Submit a Pregnancy Discrimination Complaint

Students that are pregnant may receive support through the Title IX Coordinator to maintain their participation in their classes and University activities. The Title IX Coordinator will work with faculty, coaches, advisors, and other employees to assist students in identifying ways to facilitate their academic success during their pregnancy and before and after childbirth. Support is also available in the event a student experiences pregnancy-related complications, miscarriage, false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy, or recovery thereafter.

There are many ways for the University to provide support; some of the more common supportive adjustments include:

  • Flexible attendance and excused absences for healthcare appointments
  • Modified seating arrangements to allow you easier access to restrooms or lactation spaces
  • Parking assistance to reduce the distance from classrooms or work locations
  • Adjustments to instructional modalities to address periods of bed rest
  • Coordination with the Disability Resource Center to adapt or augment accommodations

To learn more about receiving support related to pregnancy, please contact the Title IX Coordinator:

Tessa Douglas
Director of Equal Opportunity & Clery Compliance, Title IX Coordinator
216 S 200 W Cedar City, UT 84720
University Campus Services Building, Suite 101