How Do I Start?

Title IX Office 
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Reporting to University Police Department

The University Police Department Officers offer information and guidance to victims when they file a report. If you choose to report the incident, a University Police Department Officer will take a statement from you regarding what happened. The officer will ask you to describe the assailant(s) and may ask questions about the scene of the crime, any witnesses, and what happened before and after the incident. You may have a support person with you during the interview.

NOTE: Reporting an incident is a separate step from choosing to prosecute. When you file a report, you are NOT obligated to continue with legal proceedings or University disciplinary action. If the assault occurred off- campus, report the incident to the appropriate law enforcement jurisdiction. The University Police Department will assist individuals who are unsure how and where to report the crime. The reasons for reporting to the University Police Department are: to take action which may prevent further victimization, including issuing a Safety and Security Alert to warn the University community of an impending threat to their safety, to apprehend the assailant; to seek justice for the wrong that has been done to you, and to have the incident recorded for purposes of reporting statistics about incidents that occurred on campus.

Title IX Reporting

Individuals may also consider reporting a sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, or harassment incident to the Director of Ethics & Compliance/Title IX Coordinator, who can provide assistance in addressing the incident through consultation, administrative review, and/or Investigation. The Title IX Coordinator is Jake Johnson. Both formal and informal grievance procedures are available under University Policy 5.60.

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