Additional Financial Resources

1 Student Veteran offers direct assistance to student veterans who have questions or are experiencing problems accessing their VA benefits. Our direct access to VA Regional Offices across the country means we can work quickly to provide our student veterans with timely and accurate answers regarding the complex claims process. Furthermore, our direct access to education claims adjudicators means that those whose education benefits have been wrongfully denied delayed during a transfer from one school to another or paid in error, will not have to wait the months it would traditionally take to file a formal appeal.

Veterans who send a message to 1 Student Veteran will receive a timely reply from a VFW staff member who specializes in student veteran issues.

If you have already confirmed your benefit eligibility through the VA's GI Bill® Hotline, 888-GI BILL 1 (888.442.4551), and double-checked your enrollment verification with your school, take the next step and contact 1 Student Veteran today.
® GI Bill is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

The Boundless Opportunity Scholarship (BOS) is designed to benefit highly-motivated non-traditional students who recognize the power of education to create a better life for themselves and their families. Contact Financial Aid for more details.

Education Connection is offering a scholarship work $1,000. The winner can use the $1,000 tuition voucher for any cost related to his or her college. Some restrictions may apply based on the school. Submit your application by September 30th, 2021. 

The State of Utah provides funds for tuition during the last full year of school IF you meet the following requirements:

  • Resident of Utah
  • Admitted to SUU
  • Showing Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
  • No previous degrees
  • Pursuing an undergraduate degree
  • Chapter 33 eligible, that have been exhausted
  • 3 semesters or fewer left to graduation

Tuition Assistance is not a program that is run through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Each military Service/Branch has a separate process for using their Tuition Assistance program. To use Tuition Assistance, please speak with your command/unit's Education Services Officer and work directly with the Veterans Center to ensure completion of funding.

Information on Service/Branch specific Tuition Assistance.

  • FTA available to all members of the US Army
  • Members become eligible one (1) year after completion of AIT
  • Contracted Cadets do NOT receive FTA (must use STA)
  • $4,000 yearly cap
  • 16 semester hour cap
  • $250/credit hour cap
  • Must register on
  • Apply through

FTA Manager: (801) 432-4354,

  • Must use FTA (if eligible) before using STA
  • STA available to all eligible members of the UTNG
  • $5,000 yearly cap (combined FTA and STA)
  • $250/credit hour cap
  • Pays for 1st Associates, 1st Bachelors, and 1st Masters

STA Manager: (801) 432-4504,

  • Available only for 1st Bachelors
  • Must NOT be on ADOS or AGR Orders
  • Pays full tuition for Fall and Spring semesters
  • Application period 1 January – 30 April
  • Application requires transcripts and an essay