Faculty Services Available at the Graduate Writing Center

In addition to the writing consultations and resources we offer graduate students, we also offer resources to support faculty with their teaching of graduate-level writing and with their own writing.


Virtual GWC Orientation

Invite us to give your class a virtual introduction to the GWC! We’ll briefly explain what writing resources they can find at the GWC, how they can book appointments, and what they can gain from their sessions with us.

Assignment Review

You can meet with us or email us to discuss your assignments before we meet with your students so that we understand the nuances and expectations of the assignment. You can also meet with us for feedback on your assignments based on the most common questions or concerns we encounter in sessions.



Here are a few ways to support us as we support you in teaching your graduate writers.

Encourage Visits

Much as we’d love to meet with all of your students, we lack the capacity to do so at this time. Please consider encouraging rather than requiring your students to meet with us—extra credit is a great incentive! If you do require your students to meet with us for certain assignments, please consider requiring them to meet with us once per paper instead of multiple times per paper. Students often meet with us again anyway because they found that one session so helpful.

Share Assignments

Although we ask students for a description of their assignment on our booking form, we may not always have the full details going into our sessions and may not be able to give as detailed feedback. If you share or discuss your assignments with us in advance, we will have a better understanding of your expectations and an opportunity to ask you any questions before we meet with your students.

Request Proof of Visit (if needed)

If you need confirmation that your students met with us, please ask your students to select "yes" for proof of visit on our booking form. We will send you a confirmation email at the end of each week with the names of the students who met with us that week, their session dates and times, their course names and numbers, and the names of the consultants who met with them.