Information for Faculty

Updates for Fall 2021

The Testing Center will be administering face-to-face exams for the 2021-2022 academic year and will remain open all year. 

We ask for your assistance with the measures below to help achieve proper social distancing to protect the health and safety of all. 

  1. To the extent possible, all exams should still have an online option for students. 

    • The Testing Center is working with Online Teaching & Learning (OTL) and will assist with moving written exams to Canvas. Faculty will need to contact OTL at, not the Testing Center for assistance.
    • If a student is in need of special accommodations, the student needs to work with Faculty. The Testing Center staff will accommodate to the best of their ability (and as resources allow). 
  2. Exams for online courses that need to be proctored, should to be administered with Proctorio.

    • Upon request from Faculty (and as resources allow), the Testing Center staff are able to assist in viewing flagged Proctorio videos and report back to Faculty on the findings.
    • The Testing Center does have a limited amount of webcams and laptops for students to use. These items may only be used in the Testing Center. Students who do not have access to reliable internet, quiet work space, and/or a webcam may take their exam through Proctorio in the Testing Center. 
    • Students who are in need of one-on-one online proctoring through the Testing Center will be charged a $15 fee for each online exam. 
  3. Please address all questions and/or concerns to Jennifer Leard, Testing Services Coordinator, at


Exam Submission Policies

Submission forms should be completed at least 3 business days before the exam opens. Exams must open no later than 9:00 am and close no earlier than 7:00 pm. Please read all guidelines below prior to submitting an online exam submission form.  See instructions for the online submissions form for guidance.

An online exam submission form is required for every exam that is to be taken in the Testing Center.  This includes all course sections including in-person classes, online sections, make up exams, etc. Use the "copy" feature to simplify your process. 

Faculty members allowing their students to take an exam at home or in the Testing Center using Proctorio must set up their exams as "flexible" by selecting "moderate this quiz"  and click "make exam flexible." Please note that the computers in the in the Testing Center do not have webcams and microphones, but it is a proctored environment. For assistance on how to set up an exam in Canvas, please call the Canvas Help Desk at (435) 865-8555.

Paper exams should be delivered to the Testing Center at least 24 hours prior to exam opening.

On a busy day, the Testing Center may serve nearly 600 students while proctoring up to 80 different exams. Some uniformity is required for quality control and to ensure a consistent test-taking environment. Your adherence to the following guidelines will help with this matter.

  • Prior to completing an exam submission form, consult the test date chart below. If your desired days are projected to be high volume days, encourage your students to give themselves more time in case there is a short wait (5-10 minutes).
  • Submission forms must limit the number of days the exam is open (e.g., 3 days) to more accurately forecast test-takers per day. Exams open for the entire semester or several weeks will not be accepted. (You may change your exams dates as needed to accommodate changes in pacing of content delivery.)
  • Passwords for online exams should be no longer than 15 characters.
  • Fridays are historically high volume days. Since 60-70% of students take exams on the last day, please occasionally consider closing days other than Fridays.
  • Your concise instructions must be on the submission form, not in a separate document.
  • Please note that exams that take 2-3 hours do not allow for timely turn-over of desks/computers, and thus delays serving a high volume of students.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Policy 6.28.IV.B states, “Faculty members will meet scheduled classes, including final examinations…”
  • Last Week of Classes - “No final examination is to be due or administered prior to or during the designated study day...”
  • Finals Week - “If a faculty member grants permission to take an early examination, students are charged an unscheduled final examination fee to be paid at the University Cashier’s Office.”

Please be sure to submit your exam on the submission form.

  • All exams must be submitted at least three business days prior to the open date.
  • Exams must open no later than 9:00 am and close no earlier than 7:00 pm.
  • Each exam must be submitted on a separate submission form.
  • By submitting each exam separately, it provides an accurate count of exams being administered each day. An accurate count will ensure that enough staff is available to serve our students.
  • Exams cannot be left open for the entire semester.
  • It is highly recommended for all exams to be open for at least 2 days. 

A test window allows us to more accurately predict Testing Center usage and have adequate staff on hand to manage the volume. Data shows that students do not use more than a 5-day test window and that more than 50% take the exam on the last day it is open.

Exams submission forms should be submitted to the Testing Center at least three business days prior to the opening date of the exam. This allows us to more accurately predict Testing Center usage and have adequate staff on hand.

A separate intake form is required for each “take” of an exam. Two takes need two intake forms. This is for academic integrity control under regular (1-attempt) testing circumstances. However, please see “Practice Exams” (above) regarding formative assessment being completed in another setting.

Practice exams should not be administered in the Testing Center. Only exams needing a proctored environment should be administered in the Testing Center. Formative assessment, such as practice exams, should be completed in another setting so that Testing Center resources can be dedicated to proctoring.

To allow a student to take an exam outside the regularly scheduled testing window, follow these procedures:

  • If an exam submission form has been completed for the class, submit an “Excusal” with the exception dates for the individual student.
  • If an exam submission form has not been submitted for the class (for example, if the exam was already/will be administered in class), submit an exam submission form with an expected count of one for an individual student.
  • If the exam is a FINAL EXAM, the student must pay the $10 unscheduled exam fee and bring the receipt to the Testing Center. (Per Catalog Academic Policies & Procedures).
  • If the make-up exam is from a previous semester, alert with the details of the exams and test-taker.

Please be sure to include the following information on the top of all paper exams:

  • Name of Test
  • Course #
  • Professor Name

Paper exams should be submitted in person.

Paper exams with multiple parts (e.g., multiple-choice questions and essay portion) should be stapled together as one packet. This is for quality control, ensuring that each student receives everything required for the exam and nothing is left behind in the file.

Paper exams should be dropped off at least 24 hours prior to the exam date during the Testing Center’s hours of operation.

Completed paper exams can be picked up anytime during Testing Center hours of operation. Faculty can see if all students have completed the exam by going to the “view” option on the exams list page in the test administration system.

Due to the standardization of services and in order to serve students in a timely and efficient manner, the Testing Center can no longer accept special requests such as flash drives for downloading documents from student computers after the exam and e-mailing exams and/or answer sheets.

If work in an Excel sheet or other format is required, please consider allowing the student to e-mail their work to you from their exam workstation or creating a separate submission assignment in Canvas for the work to be uploaded.

If you are unable to come pick up the exam, please designate another staff member or a T.A. to pick up the exam. You can notify us about the individual coming in to pick up the exam at

Finals Week Policies

To prevent long lines and wait times, the Testing Center will be available during finals week ONLY to courses meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  • Online-only courses
  • Face-to-face courses with more than 40 students enrolled
    • It is recommended that instructors of large courses also offer the exam in class (thus distributing test-takers across both the classroom and Testing Center)
    • To reduce the potential for academic dishonesty in large courses, rather than using the Testing Center, instructors may consider distributing different versions of the exam.
  • Tests that use software not found in the regular classroom (e.g., Excel in Statistics courses)
  • Courses using vendor-provided specialized software for testing (e.g., ALEKS, Hawkes, Math Lab, Connect, etc.)
  • Exams that are expected to take longer than two hours to complete

Courses that do not meet any of the criteria above should use the two-hour designated Final Exam period established by the Registrar’s Office to administer final exams, not the Testing Center. (See final exam schedule.)

Fall 2021 Test Dates

Days at full capacity will be added as exams are submitted. Please note that this is a projection based on data from previous years/semesters. 
High Vol = Historically High-Volume Day

High Volume Days
Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 Sept 6-10  Holiday TC Open   Semester Begins     
2 Sept 13-17        
3 Sept 20-24        High Vol 
4 Sept 27- Oct 1        High Vol 
5 Oct 4-8       
6 Oct 11-15           High Vol   High Vol 
Oct 18-22
    High Vol
8 Oct 25-29 Mid Term Grades Due
9 Nov 1-5     High Vol
10 Nov 8-12     High Vol 
11 Nov 15-19     High Vol  High Vol
12 Nov 22-26   Thanksgiving Break No Classes Thanksgiving Break Campus Closed Thanksgiving Break Campus Closed
13 Nov 29 - Dec 3     High Vol 
14 Dec 6-10   High Vol   Very High Vol
15 Dec 13-17

 Semester Ends

Finals Finals Finals Finals

SUU Online Teaching & Learning (OTL)

The SUU Online Teaching & Learning (OTL) department offers services and technologies for instructors such as the use of Proctorio.  Please visit OTL's website for more information.

The OTL office can answer questions on how to set up exams as "flexible" in order to allow students to use Proctorio at home or take the exam in the Testing Center. Please contact OTL at (435) 865-8555 or for assistance.

Please note that students are not able to take the Proctorio version of a test in the Testing Center as Proctorio needs a webcam and a microphone to operate. The Testing Center does not have webcams and microphones, and therefore cannot run Proctorio in the lab.