Information for Faculty

Exam Submission Policies

Please read all guidelines below prior to submitting an online exam submission form. Submission forms must be completed at least 3 business days before the exam opens. Instructions for online submission form.

Please understand that, on a very busy day, the Testing Center may serve nearly 600 students while proctoring up to 80 different exams. Therefore, some uniformity is required for quality control and to ensure a consistent test-taking environment. Your adherence to the following guidelines will help with this matter.

  • Prior to completing an exam submission form, consult the chart below to determine if your desired days are already at projected capacity.
  • Submission forms must limit the number of days the exam is open (e.g., 3 days) to more accurately forecast test-takers per day. Exams open for the entire semester or several weeks will not be accepted. (You may change your exams dates if need to accommodate pacing of content delivery.)
  • Passwords for online exams should be no longer than 15 characters.
  • Friday hours have been expanded; however, since 60-70% of students take exams on the last day, please occasionally consider closing days other than Fridays.
  • Your concise instructions must be on the submission form, not in a separate document.
  • Please create efficient exams that can be completed in a reasonable amount of time where possible. (Exams that take 1.5 - 3 hours do not allow for timely turn-over of desks/computers, and thus serving other students).
  • For very large sections, consider offering the exam in class as well as in the Testing Center.
  • Be aware that sections administering more than 6 exams per term in the Testing Center may be charged a convenience fee beginning Fall 2018. (This will include formative evaluations that allow students to take an exam 2 or more times).

If you allow students to use scratch paper, please provide clean, unmarked paper to the Testing Center or attach it to your exam.

Finals Week Policies

To prevent long lines and wait times, the Testing Center will be available during finals week ONLY to courses meeting the following criteria:

  • Online-only courses
  • Tests that use software not found in the regular classroom (e.g., Excel in Statistics courses)
  • Courses using vendor-provided specialized software for testing (e.g., ALEKS, Hawkes, Math Lab, Connect)
  • On-campus, face-to-face courses with more than 65 students enrolled
    • It is recommended that instructors of large courses also offer the exam in class (thus distributing test-takers across both the classroom and Testing Center)
    • To reduce the potential for academic dishonesty in large courses, rather than using the Testing Center, instructors may consider distributing different versions of the exam.

Courses that do not meet the criteria above should use the two-hour designated Final Exam period established by the Registrar’s Office to administer final exams, not the Testing Center. (See final exam schedule.)

Spring 2018 Test Dates

Days at full capacity will be added as exams are submitted
High Vol = Historically High-Volume Day

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 Jan 8-12          
2 Jan 15-19 Closed-Holiday        
3 Jan 22-26          
4 Jan 29-Feb 2    High Vol   High Vol High Vol
5 Feb 5-9   High Vol      
6 Feb 12-16          
7 Feb 19-23 Closed-Holiday     High Vol High Vol
8 Feb 26-Mar 2   High Vol      
9 Mar 5-9          
  Mar 12-16 Closed - Spring Break
10 Mar 19-23          
11 Mar 26-30         High Vol
12 Apr 2-6   Closed-F.O.E.       
13 Apr 9-13          
14 Apr 16-20          
15 Apr 23-27       High Vol Closed-Study Day
16 Apr 30-May 3

High Vol

High Vol
High Vol
High Vol
High Vol