Bomb Threat

1. Bomb threat by mail: If you receive a bomb threat by mail, notify university police immediately.

2. Bomb threat by phone: Remain calm. Be courteous. Listen carefully; do not interrupt the caller. Quietly attract the attention of someone else to listen, if possible. Obtain as much information as possible. Record the following information:

  • Date of call
  • Time of call
  • Phone number call received on
  • Person who talked to caller

Write entire message of caller as soon as possible after the caller hangs up and you have notified administrative authorities. Note unusual words, phrases, sounds, or accents. Write it verbatim, as much as you can remember.

If caller is agreeable to further conversation, ask:

  • When will it go off? Time remaining?
  • Where is it located?
  • If in a building, what area?
  • What kind of a bomb is it?
  • How do you know so much about the bomb?
  • Why are you doing this?
  • Who are you?
  • Where are you now?

* If the building is occupied, inform caller that detonation of a bomb could cause injury or death.*

Record response:
Circle those that apply:
ATTEMPT TO IDENTIFY: Male-Female-Adult-Juvenile-Approximate age: _________
VOICE: Loud-Deep-High Pitched-Raspy-Soft-Intoxicated- Other
SPEECH: Fast-Slow-Distinct-Stutter-Nasal-Slurred-Lisp-Other
LANGUAGE: Excellent-Fair-Foul-Poor-Educated- Other
ACCENT: Local-Not Local-Foreign-What Country
MANNERISM: Calm-Rational-Coherent-Deliberate-Righteous-Angry-Irrational
BACKGROUND NOISES: Factory Machines-Business Machines-Music-Other
ORIGIN OF CALL: (If possible to discern): Local-Long Distance-Booth-Cell-International

** Call 911.  Do not talk with any else, further direction will be provided**


Follow instructor's direction.


Follow instructions of administrators.


  1. Relay the bomb threat to Police Department 911.
  2. Upon arrival, advise the Police Department of the situation, including what actions have been taken, and then follow their instructions.
  3. Under the direction of the Police Department, administration will give information and instructions to staff/students as necessary.

Police Department

Will be responsible to:
  1. Determine if the threat is real or if it is a hoax.
  2. Determine what actions are necessary.
  3. Give instructions as to what to do.
  4. If evacuation takes place, determine when it is safe to re-enter the building.


  1. If deemed necessary, evacuation may simply be directed by manually activating the fire alarm system, or through spoken direction or instructions.
  2. Instructors may be notified by telephone or runner for the purpose of:
    • Alerting the teacher of the bomb threat situation
    • Not alarming students unnecessarily
    • Giving faculty/staff specific instruction and or information about the situation
  3. Code words "Condition Amber" indicates that there is a bomb threat and it is believed that sufficient information has been gathered to assume time is available to make a quick visual search of the building for possible bombs, as evacuation takes place. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING! Note anything suspicious - what it is, where it is, and then report it to the Administration.
  4. Code words "Condition Red" indicates that a bomb threat has been received, no information is available as to the area where it is located or the time of explosion and it is necessary to evacuate the building immediately.

Parents/Guardians/Campus Visitors

  1. Monitor SMS, email, or web content for updated information.