Hostile Intruder

WARNING: Do NOT sound fire alarm, notification to campus will be through telephone, siren or runner.


Run, Hide, Fight 

  1. Run if can do so safely.
  2. Hide in a locked area if your not able to leave.
  3. Prepare to fight if needed.
  4. If in class follow instructor's direction.


Run, Hide, Fight

  1. If you can exit the building safely do so, do not run in a straight line, large groups move faster when not running.  Put objects between you and the shooter.
  2. Lock classroom doors, cover openings, shut all windows. silence all media devices, barricaded room if possible.
  3. Prepare to fight if needed. This is dangerous, but depending on your situation, this could be your only choice.
  4. Account for students and guest.  Call 911, provide location and number in the room.
  5. Once lookdown remain in place until law enforcement is on scene.
  6. Follow administrator's instructions.


  1. At the beginning of a potential or actual situation, obtain the following information:
    • Exact location.
    • When did the situation begin?
    • Who is involved?
    • Specifically, what is taking place?
    • Identities and number of participants, if known.
  2. Call 911 and advise.
  3. Activate Command Center (EOC)
  4. Advise necessary administrative personnel.
  5. Isolate the incident and try to contain the disturbance to one area until the Police arrive.
  6. Do not let other non essential personnel enter the building.
  7. When the Police arrive, advise them of the situation, actions that have been taken, and follow their instructions. They will assume command.
  8. When appropriate, resume normal university functions.