Medical Emergencies


Follow administration's response plan.


Follow administration's response plan.
AED's are located throughout campus, retrieve the nearest AED if the situation may require its use .



  1. Establish and maintain a current list of emergency medical services’ telephone numbers. Keep them posted by each phone in the building.
  2. Encourage staff and students to take training in first aid, CPR, sanitation, and emotional support of children, families and adults during emergencies.
  3. Maintain a current stock of first aid and sanitation supplies and create a plan for distribution of these supplies in case of a mass disaster.
  4. Establish and maintain a current list of staff members qualified to administer first aid and where they are likely to be found during the school day.
  5. Establish and maintain a list of students and staff with known medical problems, including disabilities, and instructions for emergency actions.
  6. Establish and maintain a general file of emergency phone numbers for all faculty, staff, and students.


Noncritical Illness or Injury

  1. Administer first aid.
  2. Notify someone they know to provide take them home or to a medical facility.

Critical Illness or Injury

  1. Administer first aid to the extent possible.
  2. Call 911 if the situation is life threatening or if they are in need of immediate medical intervention.
  3. Contact parents and keep a record of time when actions were taken.