Natural Disasters

NOTE: There will be no prior warning before the quake is felt.


If you are inside, stay where you are:

  1. Take cover under desk, table or other heavy furniture, or in interior doorways or narrow halls.
  2. Stay away from windows, outside walls, lofts, or stairways.

If you are outside:

  1. Stay in an open area away from buildings, utility poles, overhead wires, etc.


Follow instructor's direction.


Evacuate in an orderly fashion.
Beware of falling objects and trees as you move to a safe location away from hazards.

Instructor letter of instructions
Class room presentation


After the shaking stops

  1. Assess the damage (do not light any open flame).
  2. Coordinate safe evacuation, if necessary.
  3. Establish contact with outside emergency responders.
  4. Secure the campus.