Emergency Notification Systems

The Emergency Notification System (ENS) is a comprehensive program established to alert the University community of any natural or manmade disasters that occur on or near the SUU campus. Several technologies are used to alert and inform the community in a timely manner.

The system is designed with much redundancy to allow for component failure; if one component fails, the hope is another system will provide the necessary notification. System redundancy is also an acknowledgment that not all recipients will, at the time of the emergency, have access to all components.

System Components

  1. Siren/Public Address – an audible siren and public address system have been installed on the campus. Speakers are located at various locations throughout campus. The system siren can be heard by those in around main campus, although the actual transmitted distance will vary depending on vehicle traffic and other exterior noise in the area. The unit can be activated by the Department of SUU Police or personnel within Information Technology.
  2. Text messaging – members of the SUU community may register for text messaging by logging into mySUU and completing the required registration. There is no cost to subscribe. Subscribers are notified when emergency conditions exist on campus.
  3. Webpage – When and if the main server on campus fails, the backup server location in Richfield, Utah would support the University webpage. In the event of an emergency, the website would be updated with news, information and protocols.
  4. Telephone broadcast – all digital telephones on campus are equipped with a broadcasting feature. The feature can be activated by Information Technology or SUU police personnel. A verbal message can be broadcast through the phone speaker systems, or a text message can be displayed on the phone text screen, and an audio bit can be heard, or any combination of the three features.
  5. Campus email – The University email system can be used as a source of official emergency news, information and protocols. Whenever an emergency message is being sent, the subject line will read OFFICIAL CAMPUS EMERGENCY NEWS followed by the appropriate category rating (see Section 2: Preparedness).
  6. Campus Television: –SUU TV will be used to broadcast official emergency news, information, and protocols as appropriate.
  7. Campus Radio Station – Power 91 can be used to broadcast the emergency alert system tone followed by directions and formation.