Facilities Management

Planning, Project Management & Risk

Director: Tyson Kyhl

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The Planning, Project Management & Risk department is responsible for maintaining a complete inventory of all areas and rooms on campus, coordinating insurance and other issues with the State Division of Risk Management, and coordinating Capital Development projects. 

Space Planning involves recording the type of space, the occupant, the square footage, and the department and college that is assigned to the space.  Reports are then generated to assist in Capital Development Requests and other projects. 

Risk Management involves reporting building and content values to the state for insurance purposes, processing insurance claims, and assessing areas for risk reductions.

Capital Development involves coordinating with the state on all major construction projects on campus. This includes taking a new building from programming and design all the way to completed construction.

Mission & Vision


Provide the University with leadership and management to ensure excellence in the planning, design and construction of facilities and in the area of risk management.


Plan for and construct facilities that provide the highest possible value to the University’s students, faculty and staff. Enhance risk and safety awareness and practices to prevent loss.