Facilities Management Employee Travel

Facilities Management employees who are traveling on University business must have the travel pre-approved. The director should submit a completed travel justification form (link below) to the Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management with the traveler's name, T-number, destination, travel dates, purpose of trip, and funding account. The Facilities Management Administration staff will then make appropriate transportation (car reservation, airplane tickets, etc.) and lodging arrangements for the traveler before processing a Travel Authorization Form.

Traveler should pay for lodging using his/her University-issued purchasing card, but the card cannot be used for food or gas. Meals which are not provided by the Seminar/Conference will be reimbursed at the per diem rate.

All itemized rental vehicle, gas, airline, and hotel receipts will need to be submitted to the Facilities Management Administration staff within five (5) days after the traveler has returned. The Facilities Management Administration staff will complete the traveler's reimbursement online. The reimbursement will be deposited directly into the traveler's bank account. If the traveler does not have direct deposit set up, a mailing address will need to be included on the travel reimbursement form.