Fall 2020 Back to School Essentials

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COVID essentials for college studentsWe’ve all experienced lifestyle changes due to COVID-19. Things like wearing a face mask and social distancing are now the new normal. Some of these lifestyle changes will likely affect life at college and life with roommates. In order to prepare, here’s a list of items that you might want to add to your back-to-school shopping list.

General Items for Back to School
  • It’s a good idea to invest in a nice thermometer for more accurate temperature readings. If you have a fever, you are encouraged to stay home and attend class online.
  • Masks are currently required in all campus buildings to slow the spread of COVID-19. Southern Utah University will provide one washable, reusable face mask for those who do not have their own. Thereafter, individuals should bring and continue to provide their own face coverings. 
  • Cleaning supplies are a must this semester. It’s especially important to regularly clean shared spaces like kitchens and bathrooms with disinfectant.
  • This semester, it might be a good idea to buy things like a stapler, a hole punch, tape, scissors, etc. to lower the use of high-traffic items in the library.
  • A water bottle is always handy and there are several contactless water bottle fillers across campus, making it safe to refill your water.
  • Hand sanitizer is another important item to have on hand during a health pandemic. Make it convenient by having one in your dorm/apartment, one in your backpack, and one in your car.
  • Frequently washing your hands is more important than ever. Purchase some hand soap for your bathroom and kitchen sinks.
  • Wearing a face mask can sometimes cause acne breakouts. Wash your face with a good face wash to prevent this from happening.
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes with tissues. Grab a box for your dorm/apartment and a to-go pack for your backpack.
  • Reduce trips to the Student Center and cafeteria by packing your own food into a Tupperware or a lunchbox.
  • If you don’t have one already, a credit or debit card is super convenient and lowers cash exchange.
  • Cleaning supplies for your technology is just as important as cleaning supplies for your dorm/apartment. A compressed air can and screen wipes are a good place to start.
Technology for Back to School
  • Investing in a laptop or tablet is a lifesaver during college, but especially under the present circumstances. Owning your own laptop or tablet not only lowers traffic in the computer labs, but it makes it easier to participate in class virtually in case you need to quarantine. 
  • There are printers available to use for free in the library, but they are another high-traffic item. Purchasing your own printer is a great option if you feel uncomfortable using the communal ones.
  • Noise-canceling headphones are a great focusing tool for studying in your dorm/apartment when your roommates are home.
Downloads for Back to School
  • Sign up for text alerts through your mySUU portal in case of a campus emergency. More information about campus emergency notifications is available on the website.
  • Download Utah’s Healthy Together App for COVID-19 related resources in Utah.
  • With an increase in online learning and digital resources, it would be useful to download some of these Chrome extensions for students to optimize your educational experience.
  • Downloading apps for local grocery stores like Smith’s, Lin’s, and Walmart can help you stay organized and safe as college move-in days and the first few weeks of school will probably be more crowded.
  • Downloading the Canvas app can help you stay on top of your homework and classes. There are also several tools available through Canvas to help you stay organized.
  • The SUU app is a great tool to stay up to date with campus information, events, and announcements. 

Stay up to date on COVID-19 related news, policy, and tips on the SUU website. The T-Bird Nation Blog is full of helpful and relevant stories. Browse the starter pack below to get started.

Frequently check the SUU Return to Campus website for campus resources, information, and FAQs related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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