What Are the Top Degrees to Earn Online?

Posted: August 02, 2021 | Author: Sayre Davis | Read Time: 3 minutes

Degrees to earn onlineWhat is a good degree to get online? Which school should I go to? What are the best majors and courses for me? When answering these questions it’s a good idea to take your career goals into consideration, among other factors. Below are a few of the top online degree programs available and what you need to know about earning an online degree in different fields.


A master of accounting (MAcc) program delves into a greater breadth of knowledge and skill sets than a bachelor's degree in accounting, preparing students for careers in fields that require higher qualifications including government agencies, larger financial firms, and those who wish to start financial agencies. The master of accountancy program at Southern Utah University has a 96.5% employment rate for program graduates. Accounting firms or government agencies employ most of these graduates. This is one of the top degrees if you are looking for security and consistency in a career.

Criminal Justice

The criminal justice program at SUU provides a positive learning environment for students to develop general working knowledge, ethical foundation, and technical skills to prepare them for professional careers in the criminal justice field. This program is immersed in practical, street-based reality. Students gain the practical experience that applies in whatever branch of criminal justice they decide to enter. Additional counsel on career opportunities, including exposure to professional agencies through an internship program, is also provided. If you are looking for a career where you are making a difference every day this is a great degree to earn.

Elementary Education

SUU’s Department of Teacher Education offers students the opportunity to major in elementary education completely online. Students interested in teaching in the elementary schools of Utah can choose between three license programs: K-3, K-6, or 1-8 grade levels. Each student is required to specialize in one area. They can also complete a dual licensure program with their elementary education degree in special education or early childhood education. With the ability to teach and mold the future, this degree is a great option for you.


An online bachelor of finance degree sets students up for success as financial planners, financial analysts, chief financial officers, and other finance-related careers. Getting a bachelor’s degree in finance will give you the flexibility to work on your career, experience in your field of choice, and the ability to further your education. At SUU, a bachelor’s degree in finance will help you gain a firm foundation in managerial finance, investments, and data analytics. The program can be completed within three years, costs $36,000, and takes 120 credits to finish.

General Studies

As an undergraduate student, it can be a challenge to decide on a major or career path you would like to take after graduation. Sometimes, the future may seem unclear and the options can be overwhelming. For those students who find themselves uncertain about which major to choose, a general studies degree might just be the perfect degree path. The general studies degree at SUU allows students, in collaboration with their academic advisor, to customize an undergraduate degree that reflects their particular interests, and meets the University’s graduation requirements.

A general studies degree gives students the lead in directing their education, along with the opportunity to pick courses based on their personal interests. This degree path is a great option for those students looking to get an associate degree, or for those wanting to explore separate fields of interest before settling into a single major of interest.


Choosing the right degree program for your life goals is a daunting task, but with some research and planning, you can find an online program that will set you up to succeed. Whether you’re looking to enter new career fields or just want more flexibility in your education plan so it doesn't interfere with family or work responsibilities, there are options out there for everyone. We encourage future students of SUU Online to take their time researching all the information they need before deciding about which school to attend.

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