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SUU Registrar's Office, located in the Sharwan Smith Student CenterAt Southern Utah University, the Registrar's Office makes sure that every student has all of their academic concerns addressed, whether it’s transferring credits, dropping a class, registering for classes, applying for graduation, or getting a copy of your transcripts. The Registrar’s Office acts as a one-stop shop for anything dealing with a student’s academic record.

“We want to maintain a students academic record, we safeguard their information, and distribute academic information to the students such as grades,” said Andrew Burroughs, university registrar. “Anything that has to do with a student’s academic record comes through us.”

Most of the registration process happens online, so some students may not know where the Registrar’s Office is. If you want to visit them in person, head over to the Sharwan Smith Student Center – you’ll find the Registrar’s Office in the Rotunda.

Registrar’s Office Resources

The website of the Registrar’s Office has a wealth of information for students. You’ll be able to find registration deadlines, dates, and FAQs, as well as information on getting permission to enroll in a course or how to withdraw for a term all on the Registrar's website.

You can also find the academic calendar, course catalog, and course descriptions there. If you’re nearing graduation, the registrar’s website is where you will apply to graduate and order a diploma replacement. If you find yourself applying to another university for graduate school, or if a job you’re applying for requests it, you can find the help you need to order your transcript online through the Registrar’s Office.

Need further help on what to ask for regarding the Registrar’s Office? Listed below are specific resources and how they can help you.


Registration Information offers answers to any question regarding registration. You can learn how to build your dream class schedule, see the academic calendar and registration deadlines, and add or drop classes. Registration for each semester begins with seniors and ends with freshmen.

Graduation Information

Graduation Information gives you access to the graduation application and allows you the option of replacing your diploma, the deadlines to apply for graduation, grad fair, regalia, the medallion, and much more.


Transcript Details allows you to request official and unofficial transcripts so you can see where you’re at, or to show your future educators, professors, or place in your university application.

Transfer Students

Transfer Student Intell guides you through the process of how to handle transferring. You can look into transfer admissions and how you can expect your credits to transfer.


Student Forms is where to go should you need to get your hands on any form. Whether it’s a transfer, change in major, credit by exam, or any other academic dilemma, you can be sure to find it here.


“I think the thing we’re most proud to offer is support,” said Burroughs. “Most people don’t even realize we exist unless they have a problem and then we can offer our support. Our office begins helping a student from the moment they step on campus until they’re out the door and even after that for transcripts for our alumni.”

The Registrar’s Office works incredibly hard for every student who attends SUU. If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out. Give the office a call, or visit them in the Sharwan Smith Student Center.

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