Entrepreneurship Courses

Entrepreneurship Speaker Series
ENTR 3000 - 1 Credit
The Entrepreneurship Speaker Series provides a different entrepreneur each week to share their insights, struggles, challenges and lessons learned. The speakers and assignments will provide students with varying perspectives on entrepreneurship and give them insights into what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Basic Entrepreneurship Skills
ENTR 3100 - 3 Credits
In this hybrid course, students will meet each week with the SUU Entrepreneur in Residence in a laboratory environment to work on skills essential to launching a new business venture. In addition, students will attend the Entrepreneurship Speaker Series once each week.

ENTR 3210 - 3 Credits
In many ways this is a research course. Students will first complete various library and field assignments and activities to gain a sense of the opportunities, risk-taking, innovation, and creativity demanded in starting a new business. Early in the course, each student will develop an idea for a new business. During the course each student will write a business plan based on that idea. In the meantime, we will study the specific elements of a business plan to help students write their own.

Profiles of Entrepreneurship
ENTR 4700 - 3 Credits Students attend speaker series and network with guest entrepreneurs during lunch each week. Additional weekly reading will be assigned.

Entrepreneurship Practicum
ENTR 4700 - 3 Credits This course is offered to students who are currently running their own business, giving students an opportunity to work on their business during the semester and get credit for it.

Small Business Management
MGMT 2220 - 3 Credits
Offered Spring semesters: Designed to teach basic fundamentals necessary to run a small business in its day-to-day operation. Course topics include financing, franchises, forecasting, ethics, management teams, leadership, insurance, pricing, personnel, planning along with E-Business opportunities, family businesses and exit strategies.