National Guard & Army Reserve

Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP Cadets):

The Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) allows cadets to participate in ROTC and enlist, or already be enlisted, in the Army National Guard (ARNG) or Army Reserve (USAR) at the same time. It is a powerful training program that has many benefits and allows the cadet to decide if they wish to compete for active duty or Commission into the ARNG/USAR.

ARNG & USAR Soldiers interested in the SMP can enroll and participate in ROTC as soon as they are ready. It is highly recommended that soldiers enroll as soon as they get to campus but they can enroll in ROTC as late as two years from graduation since Army Basic Training gives them ROTC credit for the Basic Course, the first two years of ROTC. Upon officially contracting into ROTC Soldiers begin attending drill weekends as ROTC cadets and are to be utilized as officer-trainees instead of enlisted soldiers within their MOS.

Follow-on Training and Commitment:

Upon completion of ROTC and graduation from college the cadets are commissioned as second lieutenants. They then attend the Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC) which is common to all branches, then lieutenants attend a course specific to their branch (job skill) (Infantry, Field Artillery, Transportation, Quartermaster, Aviation, etc).

Upon completion of the ROTC program, the officer has an 8-year obligation that can be served in the ARNG/USAR, on Active Duty or a combination of the two. ARNG/USAR duty is six years in active-drilling status and two years in the IRR, or Active Duty service requires a three year commitment.

(SMP) Financial Benefits

  • ROTC Stipend: $300-$500/month
  • E-5 Drill Pay – $241/month
  • GI Bill – $367/month
  • GI Bill SMP-Kicker – $350/month
  • CLC Pay – $700-$800 (1 summer)
  • Tuition Assistance – $6270/year to 100% (varies, embedded below)
  • Utah ARNG pays up to resident tuition rate at state universities in Utah