*biofeedback is currently online

Biofeedback means "feedback from the body." Biofeedback can be particularly useful in increasing our capacity to relax. This type of feedback from our body is usually ignored unless it becomes quite intense like a sick stomach or a painful headache. Biofeedback training allows the student to become aware of the body's signals before they become too intense and to take action to relieve the stress before it becomes debilitating. 

During each session at the biofeedback lab, the student's stress response will be monitored using a biofeedback instrument.  We currently have several biofeedback programs to choose from (e.g. Thought Technology, Heartmath, Unyte, and Wild Divine).  All of the biofeedback programs at CAPS measure heart rate variability.  Some of the program can measure muscle tension, sweat gland activity, skin temperature, and respiration.  During periods of stress or negative emotionality, heart rate generally increases. In contrast, during periods of emotional well-being, heart rate generally decreases to an optimal level.   

Being aware of this ongoing information about the body helps you learn how to regulate some of the internal tension you are experiencing. Biofeedback training involves the development of a skill. Right now you can get started with biofeedback through our online workshop.  If you are interested in learning more about biofeedback, please call CAPS at 435-865-8621.    

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