Counseling and Psychological Services

Services Offered in CAPS

Individual Counseling

Counselors at CAPS provide individual counseling and therapy to students experiencing a range of difficulties which may include:

student with books
  • Personal problems
  • Academic difficulties
  • Family, peer, and roommate concerns
  • Feeling depressed
  • Managing stress
  • Eating concerns
  • Difficulty making career decisions

Group Counseling

Research has found that group counseling is as effective as individual counseling. When the issues involve relationships, group counseling is often more effective because members can practice new ways of relating with others in the group. Please see our Groups page for more information about groups that CAPS is currently offering.

Couples Counseling

Sometimes the issue is centered around one particular relationship. When that is the case, couples counseling may provide an effective way for the relationship pair to work through the difficulty.


Biofeedback services focus on stress management and utilizing technology to enhance awareness and build helpful skills. Please see our Biofeedback page for more information.

Psychiatric Services

Students can consult with a physician for diagnosis and types of medication management for mental health concerns. The appointments are coordinated through a counselor in CAPS. Students using this service need to be clients of CAPS and have an ongoing relationship with one of the counselors. This helps ensure effective care.
*Limited availability. Students must be assigned to a CAPS counselor before receiving a referral and must be a current client to be eligible for psychiatric services through CAPS.

Psychological Assessments

Learning Disability and ADD/ADHD assessments are available on a limited basis. Please contact our office staff if you would like to be added to the assessment waitlist.
*These assessments are not covered by the university fees and students will be responsible for the cost of the assessment.