Counseling and Psychological Services


CAPS Senior Staff

Curtis Hill, Ph.D.
As a counseling psychologist, Curt received training in models of development specifically geared toward the college student experience. Following a primarily phenomenological/existential approach, Curt's areas of interest include; the central role of relationships in the change process, counseling, career development, family relationships, and advocating for the developmental needs of students.

DeNean Petersen, LCSW
Clinical Director
DeNean is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with training in EMDR.  DeNean provides individual and group therapy from a Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) approach, which emphasizes interpersonal skills, emotional regulation, and distress tolerance. In addition to DBT, DeNean’s areas of professional interest include bereavement, anxiety, and providing outreach and consultation services to students living in on-campus housing.  

Blaine Edwards, CMHC
Group Coordinator
Blaine is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor who works from a relational and modern Gestalt perspective. Blaine values the relationship as one of the most important factors in the counseling process. His professional interests include group and individual counseling, the career decision making process, and all aspects of college student development.

Matt Reiser, Ph.D.
Director of Training
Matt is trained as a counseling psychologist who works from an integrative theoretical orientation comprising Cognitive Behavioral and Client Centered philosophies. Matt’s professional interests include supervision/training, biofeedback, assessment, mood disorders, group therapy, career counseling, couples counseling, eating concerns, and sport psychology.  Matt is also certified in biofeedback by the BCIA. 

Kristina Johnson, Ph.D.
Staff Psychologist 
Using a person-centered and existential approach, Kristina aims to create an affirming yet challenging space where students can unabashedly explore themselves and feel empowered to make active life choices. Kristina’s areas of interest include: college-student development, career/major decisions, concerns related to sexual orientation and gender identity, romantic relationships, and gender-based violence.

Merrill Jones, Ph.D.
Outreach Coordinator
Merrill's training program emphasized clinical, counseling, and school psychology. Merrill has a particular interest in issues related to identity exploration, multiculturalism & diversity, close relationships, and military experiences. Merrill also enjoys assessment to identify strengths and areas for growth, especially as they pertain to student success in academic and social activities.

Doctoral Interns

Daniel Brager, Doctoral Intern

Mariko Iwabuchi, Doctoral Intern

Jonathan Ly, Doctoral Intern

Contract Staff

Andrea Donovan, LCSW

Chelsea Gambles, LCSW

Brian C. Nyberg, MD Psychiatrist

Front Desk Staff

Debbie Arenivar, Administrative Assistant II

Amanda Healy, Office Assistant