Hot Work Procedures

While Southern Utah University does not currently require hot work permits to conduct hot work on campus, the Enterprise Risk Management Office (ERM) in conjunction with the campus Fire Marshal requires that the following considerations be given prior to beginning any hot work on campus.

Hot Work Checklist

  • Has the area been approved for hot work by the campus Fire Marshal?
  • Has equipment been inspected and found to be serviceable prior to use?
  • Are sprinklers in service, where provided?
  • Have flammable liquids been removed from the work area?
  • Have combustible or hazardous materials been relocated at least 35 feet from the operation? Have combustible materials that cannot be removed been covered with fire-resistive tarpaulins?
  • Have floor and wall openings within 35 feet of the operation been tightly covered?
  • Have screens or shields been erected to protect pedestrians from the welder’s arc?
  • Has the atmosphere been tested for the presence of flammable gases or vapors?
  • Do all workers have personal protective equipment (PPE) appropriate for their tasks?
  • Are ample fire extinguishers available?
  • Has a fire watch been provided during work, breaks, and for at least 30 minutes after work is complete?

Campus Fire Marshal

The Campus Fire Marshal is part of Facilities Management. This position is concerned with issues related to fire safety and acts as liaison with local fire officials. The Fire Marshal must be consulted before beginning any work or activity that may trigger the fire alarms unnecessarily. This way the Fire Marshal can enact an appropriate Fire Alarm Shutdown Procedure. To contact the Fire Marshal, or for more information about fire safety, see the Campus Fire Marshal page.