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Ashley Parker-Wardle ('21)

Ashley Parker-Wardle ('21)
SUU to Senior Audit Associate

Originally published on September 08, 2023.

Ashley Parker-Wardle is a senior audit associate at Tanner LLC. She graduated from SUU in
2020 with her bachelor's degree in accounting and continued on to finish her MAcc in 2021.
Ashley loves to meet new people and make connections. She felt like people at SUU cared
about her goals and took the time to get to know her.

When asked about her job search she expressed her gratitude for the Dixie L. Leavitt School of
Business faculty and staff by stating, “My accounting professors encouraged me to get involved
in Professional Accountancy Club, which is a club that allowed me to network and visit different
accounting firms.” Through her networking opportunities she got to visit Tanner LLC. She also
worked with the Career Services Coordinator at the Leavitt School of Business, Madalyn
Swanson, who helped her apply for externships, internships, and full-time positions. She
enjoyed SUU and Cedar City because she had lots of opportunities to be involved and could
make an impact.

Her time at SUU helped her prepare for her career through the guidance of her professors. They
were more than professors, they were mentors who helped her identify opportunities and get
involved in extracurricular activities. SUU provided growth experiences that helped her believe
in herself and succeed one step at a time. ”SUU helped build my trust in people, because they
were willing to help me in my goals, and in some cases went above and beyond to get to know
me personally.”