SUU to Everywhere

Allie McArthur (’16)

Allie McArthur (’16)
SUU to SkyWest Airlines

Originally published on April 18, 2024.

Allie McArthur, with a deep love for travel and a passion for design, has found a perfect career
fit with SkyWest Airlines.

“Over the past seven years, I've had the extraordinary fortune of being a member of the SkyWest
team at SkyWest Headquarters,” she says. “The travel opportunities afforded by this job have
been nothing short of amazing. Each trip I have taken has been unforgettable, making it nearly
impossible to single out a favorite destination.”

With the official title of “multimedia developer,” Allie is recognized by most as a graphic
designer, but her role truly extends far beyond the typical confines of design.

As one of the airline’s designated photographers, she is occasionally tasked with capturing the
airline’s day-to-day operations. Her department serves as part of the company’s backbone as it
interacts with nearly every aspect of SkyWest, from pilots and flight attendants to mechanics
and airport crews.

One of Allie’s favorite aspects of her role is the opportunity to work on the design for the
Company's executives and Board members.

Allie jumping with joy with a plane in the background

“For me, it's a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the inner workings of our company,” she says. “I
have had the pleasure of working with our CEO, CFO, and CCO. This experience is so unique
and some of the most noteworthy accomplishments of my time here. The responsibility I have
serves as a testament to my contributions and I appreciate the trust and confidence they've placed
in my work.”

Born and raised in Henderson, Nevada, Allie was initially drawn to Southern Utah University
because of its highly regarded graphic design program. One of the first in her family to pursue a
college degree, she knew without a doubt from the moment she opened her acceptance letter that
SUU was where she was meant to be.

“My college years at SUU were hands down some of the best days of my life,” she says. “The
campus had such a great energy, was full of diversity, and I made some amazing friends there;
and we’re still good friends to this day!”

Graduating in 2016 with a BFA in graphic design, her experiences at SUU were instrumental in
shaping her future. The small class sizes, the supportive environment of her colleagues and
professors, and the hands-on learning she received all contributed to her professional and
personal growth that went far beyond textbooks and lectures.

And, she says, “Thanks to SUU, by the time graduation came around, I felt prepared with an
outstanding portfolio to start applying for jobs in my field, which ultimately led to my current
position and first career directly after college.”

Today, Allie travels around the world and has been to 17 countries along with half of the states
in the U.S. She also owns and operates her own photography business—a pursuit that started
after taking a couple of photography courses during her time at SUU—and recently redesigned a
fleet of vehicles of the Hurricane Police Department. Allie currently resides in St. George with
her two greatest joys, her husband and son.