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Rich Wilson (’15)

Rich Wilson (’15)
SUU to Company Founder and Filmmaker

Originally published on October 17, 2023.

If you graduated in 2015, you have already witnessed the work of Rich Wilson (’15), who designed the lighting for his own commencement ceremony when he graduated with his degree in theatre arts. Rich has always known he wanted to work in the entertainment industry, and he has been able to live out that dream in more ways than just commencement lighting design.

 “I grew up backstage and in entertainment, or at least being interested in it,” says Rich. “I didn’t want to teach acting or directing; I wanted to do it.”

With a passion for entertainment and storytelling, Rich set out to create a company that helps brands tell their stories online. VIBE Media, which Rich has been running since he graduated from SUU, does just that. The company works with brands to build their online presence and help them connect with their clients, effectively telling their stories on a digital platform.

“I find it rewarding when I am able to connect on a deeper level with our clients to truly understand their brand story and the best ways to tell it in the online arena,” he says.

Rich’s involvement at SUU as Lead A/V Tech and Thunder 91.1 KSUU radio host helped him gain skills he still uses every day, such as delegation, communication, leadership, and lighting and sound design.

“Working at Thunder 91.1 KSUU helped me understand delegation and, most importantly, helping others in their titles excel in their roles as we were building great content for SUU,” says Rich. “I mostly learned how to be a good leader, communicator, and networker as well.”

Outside of work, Rich pours his love for entertainment into his community, working as a partner in Arizona Filmmakers, as a branding and video marketing coach with Arizona Entrepreneurs, and a National VIP Business Partner of the Association of Legal Administrators. Through these organizations, Rich helps host events aimed at using collaboration to bring filmmaking and production back to the state and gives trainings and presentations on how to effectively brand a business.

Rich lives his dream of working in entertainment every day, and is grateful to SUU for helping him gain the skills to do what he loves. 

“When I sit on set or backstage at a concert and see people having a great time with the experience we provided, that's what it's all about, and I got that on a daily basis at SUU,” he says.

Rich lives in Gilbert, Arizona, with his wife and four kids.