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Chris Mayse (’97)

Chris Mayse (’97)
SUU to Freelance Theatre

Originally published on January 23, 2024.

Before taking an Acting 1 elective course at SUU, Chris Mayse (’97) had never considered a job in theatre arts. Now, it has become a dream he lives out each day as a professional freelance theatre artist.

Chris has performed with many of the nation’s leading regional theatres, and now, as a part of his career, produces his local iteration of The Dinner Detective, a dinner theatre program produced in more than 90 cities, and teaches acting at Studio 170, a theatre, dance, and production school for kids in his resident state of Wisconsin.

“I have received accolades and worked with amazing artists of all backgrounds and experiences,” says Chris, who is a native of Las Vegas. “The effect that I have had with professions and, even more so, with students, helping to shape who they have become and giving some light to the achievements they have accomplished, gives me a sense of legacy, and that is invaluable.”

After attending an SUU open house with a friend on a whim, Chris immediately knew that Cedar City was the place for him. The skills he learned and opportunities he was granted while earning his theatre arts degree set him up for the successful career he has today.

Chris Mayse on stage with colorful lights

“SUU gave me a solid foundation in the craft, opportunities to explore, and chances to make choices that led to success and failure, which is where I learned the most…in the not achieving.” he says, “Learning is for life. I have talents, I have abilities. I have passion for what I set my mind to, and can achieve great things.”

Chris contributes to his community by teaching his craft to others and passing on his passion for theatre to the youth of Studio 170. 

“By introducing the craft to them, creating opportunities, highlighting their creativity and talents in productions, it only helps to create well-rounded, empathetic young people who will go off and make a positive impact in the world; mostly right here in their hometown community.” says Chris.

Chris lives in Peshtigo, Wisconsin, with his wife, whom he married this past September. 

“I am doing exactly what I set out to do when I began my training at SUU: to work professionally, consistently, and to make an impact through various different disciplines of professional theatre, including production, education, and administration.” he concludes.