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Cameron Levins ('12)

Cameron Levins ('12)
SUU to Olympics

Originally published on October 28, 2016.

Olympian Cameron (Cam) Levins always knew running was his passion, but didn’t know Southern Utah University would be the place to push that talent.

Cam grew up in Black Creek, British Columbia, where he began running when he was in second grade.

“I have always defined myself as a runner, and will continue to, my entire life,” said Cam.

In high school, Cam decided that he wanted to become a Division One athlete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). To make his goal a reality, he created an online athlete profile in hopes that a coach in the United States would find him. During recruitment season in early 2007, Head Coach Eric Houle from SUU found Cam’s information online and was impressed by his athleticism. Coach Houle offered him a significant scholarship and brought Cam to Cedar City.

While at the University, Cam balanced his major in physical education with an emphasis in exercise science while being on both the cross country team and the track & field team. He was a valuable asset to both, and ultimately devoted all attention to the track & field team, elevating it to new heights.

“The athlete that I have developed into is in many parts due to my experience at SUU through Coach Houle’s tutelage and belief in me,” said Cam.

By the time Cam had graduated in 2012, he was honored the Bowerman Award, given to the top collegiate track and field athlete. Cam then utilized his skills at SUU to run for Team Canada in the 2012 London Olympics, where he placed 11th in the 10K—going from a Thunderbird all star, to Olympic athlete.

Cam graduated with a degree in Physical Education. Learn more about the Physical Education program.