SUU to Everywhere

David Tyler ('14)
SUU to NYC Advertising

Originally published on October 28, 2016.

David Tyler thought he wanted to be a doctor, but when he came to Southern Utah University he learned his true passion was creativity. Being from Seattle, David was skeptical of how SUU and Cedar City could take him somewhere bigger.

“SUU taught me that small town does not mean small talent or small ambition. If anything, it opened me up to possibilities I hadn’t thought of before,” said David.

Now, David lives in New York City and works at one of the top advertising agencies in the world as a Global Creative Projects Coordinator.

David oversees new interns at the company and is often surprised by how many of them leave their universities unprepared for the workforce. When David first started as an intern he felt prepared because of the real experiences his SUU professors provided in the classroom.

David graduated with a degree in Communication. Learn more about the program.