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Elijah Graves (’19)

Elijah Graves (’19)
SUU to School Educator

Originally published on May 25, 2023.

Family, location, and the small class sizes were among a few of the reasons Elijah Graves chose SUU following his 2014 graduation from Henderson, Nevada’s, Liberty High School.

Thanks to SUU’s personalized structure of learning, he was able to develop great relationships with peers and educators on his way to earning a bachelor’s degree in physical education/coaching in 2019, and then a master’s degree in education in 2021. He specifically cites John Meisner, Jenna Behm, and Dave Phillips as faculty with whom he felt particularly close here.

SUU played a pivotal role in preparing Elijah for his career as a high school special education teacher at Cedar High School, thanks to the training he received in areas such as classroom management, technology integration, and differentiated instruction. He was able to greatly develop his teaching skills, and learned how important passion and perseverance are to success.

“The faculty at SUU provided me with hands-on learning opportunities, real-world experiences, and a wealth of knowledge on how to effectively engage students and create a positive learning environment,” Elijah says.

Teaching was a natural choice for Elijah due to his passion for inspiring and making a difference in the lives of his students. He finds it rewarding to share his knowledge and experience with students, and help them develop the skills and critical thinking skills they need to succeed in life.

Besides being a high school educator and a basketball coach, Elijah also launched a unique clothing brand in 2022. It was a passion project he was able to bring to life after years in the making. Through that enterprise, he aims to inspire and empower people, as well as make a positive impact on a wide range of others.

Whether through teaching, coaching, his clothing brand, or simply personal interactions, Elijah strives to enrich those around him.

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