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Jay Kansagra ('13)

Jay Kansagra ('13)
SUU to Data Engineer

Originally published on July 13, 2016.

Jay Kansagra grew up loving computers. While taking first year courses at Southern Utah University, he soon found his passion: information systems.

“After a few classes I knew this was the perfect field for me and planned to master the field,” said Jay.

Jay realized that SUU was the best place to craft his skills for success. Jay saw the school as a laboratory, where he had the opportunity to explore his ideas and concepts.

With the help of faculty mentors, Jay had the opportunity to be recognized nationally for his undergraduate research project in a major publication. In his project, Jay helped individuals and organizations enhance their awareness of social engineering techniques and prevention solutions by researching current common social engineering techniques.

“The University provided me with relevant coursework to easily find internships, and they helped me prepare for the best ranked information systems graduate school,” said Jay.

After studying at Carnegie Mellon University he was hired on as a data engineer at Wolverine Trading, the leading proprietary trading firm in Chicago.

Jay graduated with a degree in information technology. Learn about the program