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MaQuade Chesley ('04)

MaQuade Chesley ('04)
SUU to Police Chief

Originally published on July 13, 2020.

A rising star in law enforcement—and the youngest chief in Mesquite, Nevada’s history—MaQuade Chesley earned a 2019 “40 Under 40” award from the International Association of Chiefs of Police in recognition of his leadership, dedication, and service to the community and the profession.

A believer in harnessing societal advances to help meet the needs of citizens and thus expand community support for officers, MaQuade fosters social media as a tool to highlight police officers, to humanize the badge, and to keep citizens informed.

“I think increasing the public’s exposure to positive police stories enables them to realize officers are human and it shows society that officers are no different from other citizens,” he explains.

MaQuade is also proud of advances he has made to improve his officers’ physical and psychological health, particularly at a time when mental health issues plague officers nationally. He has enacted new policies mandating yearly mental wellness sessions with a licensed therapist, and has implemented a meditation policy and a mediation sanctuary where officers can decompress from the ever-present stress.

SUU had a profound impact on MaQuade’s decision to enter law enforcement. He recalls his very first class, Criminal Justice 101, taught by retired FBI agent Lamar Jordan. There he discovered his passion and realized the positive role he could play in his community.

“Never in my life had I ever been so interested in a topic or career path,” he says.

His professors cemented in his mind the concept of “law enforcement professionals” and MaQuade has carried that concept throughout his career. By hiring college degreed officers, he is witnessing a cultural shift in law enforcement from it just being a job to a career path full of professionals who elevate the quality of a police department.

MaQuade grew up in Cedar City, in a neighborhood right next to campus, filled with SUU professors, staff and coaches whom he admired, and he always knew SUU was where he would receive his education. He credits President Steve Bennion and Coach Bill Evans for being special mentors.

He and wife Shayla, also an alumnus, are the proud parents of three young daughters.