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Maureen Verhaeren (’95)

Maureen Verhaeren (’95)
SUU to IT Director

Originally published on December 04, 2022.

A native of San Luis Obispo, California, Maureen Verhaeren’s degree in business education and computer information systems from SUU paved the way for her to enjoy a successful career in information technology...a term that was not even in common and official use when she first came to campus.

She recently retired as IT director for Beaver County, Utah, where she was responsible for a wide range of functions to smooth the way for both county operations and the more than 7,000 citizens of the southern Utah entity some 50 miles north of Cedar City.

Maureen’s background in accounting, computers, state courts and elections gave her the ability to assist in numerous areas over the span of her career. She purchased and maintained computer software, hardware, and peripherals for all Beaver County offices, including the public safety facility. She also maintained all election hardware and software during her time as IT director.

When Maureen first attended SUU, she was a part-time student and regularly made the 100-plus-mile round-trip commute between Cedar City and Beaver. She eventually enrolled full-time, increasing the number of days she commuted, before graduating in 1995.

“SUU gave me a degree that initially helped me to get employment and allowed for professional and financial advancement as the county and I grew,” she says. “I was privileged to meet good friends and knowledgeable professors at SUU. My year of full-time classes made for an enjoyably diverse educational experience.”

Since her retirement, Maureen has taken up quilting and sewing, and enjoys working in her garden.