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Miranda Jones ('16)

Miranda Jones ('16)
SUU to Utah’s Capitol

Originally published on February 28, 2017.

During a leadership weekend at Southern Utah University, Miranda Jones fell in love with the school’s Michael O. Leavitt Center for Politics & Public Service, and knew the college would be a good fit for her.

A dual major in political science and economics, Miranda spent the majority of her time at SUU working at the Leavitt Center. The Leavitt Center helped her complete four public sector internships at the local, state, and national level.

Miranda said professors and mentors challenged her academically and pushed her out of her comfort zone into opportunities she would not have considered.

“Truly, it was the faculty and staff that provided me with a rigorous and meaningful education,” said Miranda. “But what I really found most valuable was the experiential education I gained outside of the classroom.”

Miranda was involved in SUU clubs, had multiple internships, and taught English abroad in Mexico and Ukraine. She credits her global opportunities for providing her with interpersonal communication and leadership skills.

Now, as a Financial Operations Specialist at the Utah State Governor’s Office of Management and Budget, Miranda assists in oversight of state budgets and finances. She’s able to work with Utah’s regulatory agencies, such as the department of insurance, department of commerce, labor commission, tax commission and department of financial institutions.

“Ultimately, I'm helping to ensure that taxpayer’s dollars are being used efficiently and that the state of Utah continues to be financed in a fiscally prudent manner,” said Miranda. “It's because of SUU that I am able to pursue my dream of having a career in public service, and assist in creating educated, informed, and practical budget and policy decisions for the state of Utah.”

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