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Robbie Hendricks ('10)

Robbie Hendricks ('10)
SUU to Managing Partner

Originally published on July 22, 2020.

After one phone call and a campus visit, Robbie Hendricks was sold on SUU and counts himself fortunate that the University found him. He also says his education here set him up for current success as an attorney in Phoenix, where he is the managing partner of Best Law Firm.

“My professors from the Criminal Justice and Political Science departments were instrumental in helping me apply and prepare for law school at Arizona State University,” he says. “I developed a lot of skills that I use every day as an attorney.”

His professors encouraged him to attend and learn from court hearings in Cedar City’s Fifth District Court and he says, most gratefully, that those same professors guided him as he prepared and applied for law school.

Robbie says he has always possessed a strong work ethic but lauds SUU for helping him refine how to work effectively.

“When I combined that with my work ethic, it gave me a big advantage in a competitive grad school and profession,” he says.

As managing partner of Best Law Firm, Robbie oversees the day-to-day management of a firm that includes 10 attorneys, and five staff members. He is the lead attorney for approximately half of the cases handled by the firm. He is proud of the team he has built and the emphasis placed on quality training, strong customer service—including clear communication with clients— and professionalism, even during contentious litigation proceedings. The firm also strives to help those in need via free legal advice and helpful media.

A graduate of Virgin Valley High School in Mesquite, Nevada, Robbie has a passion for golf, basketball, the Green Bay Packers, and the Utah Jazz. He counts himself lucky to have been raised by his mother and grandmother, and says he owes much of his success to them.