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Tamara Melton ('08)

Tamara Melton ('08)
SUU to Secondary Education

Originally published on October 04, 2017.

For several years Tamara Melton worked full-time at Southern Utah University in the athletics department and "whittled" away at her bachelor's degree in communications and minor in accounting. In addition to working for the athletics department, Melton also worked with the cheerleaders for 18 years.

"Athletics was a huge part of our family life and the student-athletes that played for us were part of our extended family," said Melton. "Many of the coaches and student-athletes took my son under the wings and made him their family as well." 

While Melton struggled at first to both work and keep up in her classes, she eventually found her stride with the help of dedicated faculty. In 2008, Melton graduated with her bachelor's degree. 

"I had support from my department colleagues as well as the many instructors who worked with me and helped me to succeed," said Melton. "The instructors and employees truly care about the students and their colleagues." 

Now, at Duncan High School in Arizona, Melton teaches accounting, business management, and marketing classes. In addition, she is responsible for all the state CTE reports for the business and agriculture programs as the Career and Technical Education Director. She is in her third year teaching and has loved the opportunity to share her passion for business and 30+ years of professional experience with her students.

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