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Tayson Whittaker ('14)

Tayson Whittaker ('14)
SUU to Outdoor Entrepreneur

Originally published on November 14, 2017.

A university with knowledgeable professors, excellent averages on national business tests, and a backyard filled with outdoor activities influenced Tayson Whittaker’s decision to attend Southern Utah University.

Tayson went into finance and realized that he preferred logical and conceptual learning rather than memorizing things just to memorize them. The hands-on, real-world application of concepts was incredibly important to him.  

“My professors brought several guest speakers to campus who were doing the types of things that I wanted to do,” said Tayson. “Their business insight was really valuable to me.”

In his final semester, Tayson decided that he wanted to create more opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs at SUU and in the community. Taking matters into his own hands, he founded the Entrepreneurship Club, which provides a place for students to make their business ideas a reality. The club helps students brainstorm ideas, overcome obstacles, and take advantage of resources available on campus and in the community.

Putting the skills he learned in the Entrepreneurship Club into practice, Tayson is now the founder and president of Outdoor Vitals, a company based online that sells outdoor equipment. Tayson saw a need in the community for affordable and reliable outdoor gear and being able to meet that need has been very rewarding for Tayson. His role in the company involves product design, sourcing, all forms of online marketing, management of team members, and several other responsibilities.

“When you start a company it requires you to be a bit of everything,” said Tayson.

Tayson is delighted to see that students at SUU have taken the Entrepreneurship Club to greater heights, giving more students the opportunity to follow in his footsteps and create their own destiny.

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