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Birth Control Information

Types of Safer Sex Practices

  • Abstinence: No intercourse and 100% effective.
  • Implant: Rod inserted in arm. Lasts up to 3 years. 99% effective against pregnancy
  • Birth Control Pill: daily pill 99% effective
  • Depo-Provera: Injection. Don’t take when pregnant. Ask a doctor. 99% effective
  • Condoms/Spermicides: Latex or polyurethane covering for male and female condoms for men/chemical matter in the forms of cream, gel, pills, etc... for women 70%-90% effective
  • Diaphragm/Cervical Cap: Dome shaped barrier for women. Must be used with some type of spermicide. 82%-94% effective
  • Sponge: Sponge inserted in vagina 89%-91% effective
  • NuvaRing: inserted into the vagina for 21 days.
  • IntraUterine Device IUD: Small object placed in uterus. 97%-99% effective
  • Patch: A weekly patch placed on the skin.
  • Vasectomy: Permanent sterilization for men. 100% effective after sperm count is zero, or partner can still become pregnant.
  • Morning After Pill (EC): Pill taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse. 82%-94% effective

FACT: Condoms are the only safer sex practice that can protect against STDs/STIs!

Where to Go Locally:

  • Planned Parenthood - 435-674-9933 595 S. Bluff St. St George, UT 84770
    Hours: M-F 11am-6pm
    Walk-in availabilities:
    • Birth Control prescription
    • Refills
    • Depo-Provera Shot
    • Morning After Pill
    • Pregnancy Test
    *For other services, make an appointment
  • Cedar City Community Clinic - 435-865-1387 - 78 West Harding Ave. Cedar City, UT
    Hours: M/W/F 8am-5pm
    After hours on call service available
  • Southwest Utah Public Health Department - 435-586-2437 - 260 E. DL Sargent Dr. Cedar City, UT
    Hours: M-R 7:30am-5pm F 8am-5pm
    Walk-in availabilities:
    • Services for NO Insurance
    • The Pill and Depo Shot
    • $20 first time fee and $10/ month for service with 3 month minimum purchase.
    • $10 for pregnancy test via Lori Hansen or Dr Gary at Cedar Ridge Family Medical Center 110 W. 1325 N., Cedar City (435)586-7676

The Morning After Pill (EC):

The EC or “Morning After Pill,” helps

  • Prevent eggs from leaving the ovaries.
  • May prevent fertilization of the egg (by thickening cervical mucus so that the sperm may not enter the cervix)
  • And it is suspected, not proven, that ECP’s can prevent implantation of fertilized egg in the uterus.

ECPs are available “behind the counter” in most pharmacies. You DO NOT need a prescription if you are 18 and over, however, photo ID is required. NOTE: EC is NOT an abortion pill and they will NOT end pregnancy.

EC is 75% to 88% effective, but they are most effective within 72 hours of the unprotected intercourse.

EC can be found at:

  • Planned Parenthood (St. George)- $30 full price (sliding fee scale and payment plans available) 435-674-9933
  • Smith’s Pharmacy– $42.50 plus tax - 435-586-1043
  • WalMart Pharmacy– $65 plus tax - 435-586-0155
  • Walgreens- $50 plus tax (435) - 435-868-4009
  • Bulloch Drugs- $50 plus tax - 435-586-9651
  • Valley View Medical – cost unknown - 435-868-5000
    *Info updated 6/2010

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