Health & Wellness Services

Please contact Jessie Mineer at or 435-865-8435 if you have questions regarding Services. 

Self Care Station

  • Light Therapy Lamps
  • Menstrual products, Midol, UTI relief
  • Condoms, pregnancy tests 
  • First Aid supplies (band aids, wraps, ointments, cough drops, thermometer, etc.)
  • Tylenol 
  • Masks, gloves
  • Hair ties
  • Antacid, Nauzene
  • MiraLax
  • Sunscreen
  • Benadryl (upon request)
  • Tissues, personal hygiene
  • Blood glucose monitoring system, snacks
  • Emergency preparedness kits
  • Educational handouts and resources on various health topics

Counseling and Psychological Services

Students have the opportunity to meet with a trained counselor and educator in a confidential face-to-face session. During the session, individualized screening and feedback on a variety of substance-related behaviors is provided. This service is designed to inform participants of the risk and protective factors, as well as behaviors that can help them to maximize their health and safety.
Free & Confidential
For more information about this service, contact CAPS or visit the CAPS website.

Connect Care 

Connect Care provides another option for accessing convenient, high quality urgent care from Intermountain whenever and wherever you need it. Use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to connect with an Intermountain Clinician just $59 a visit. Some insurance is accepted, but not required.

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