Child Care Assistance

Funshine Child Care Center

SUU has been engaged in developing resources to provide a childcare option for employees over the past year. This is one of President Benson’s top priorities, and we are nearing the homestretch. Construction is well underway for a new childcare building which will allow a leading Cedar City childcare provider – Funshine Child Care and Learning Center – to expand its operations and give priority placement to employees of the Leavitt Group, Southern Utah University, and State Bank of Southern Utah.  The construction is proceeding as planned and is expected to be completed in time to begin accepting new children around the middle of April 2023.

Given the progress of the new building, we are eager to begin understanding the level of interest SUU employees have in enrolling children at this facility.  Based on existing enrollment and other commitments, our allotment of availability in this expanded facility will be 55 spaces with 12-month contracts, allocated in the following age brackets (which were established by Funshine and agreed to by the three entities): 

  • 0-2 years old: 9 spaces                   ($875/month)
  • 2 years old: 15 spaces                    ($800/month)
  • 3 years old: 15 spaces                    ($775/month)
  • 4-5 years old: 16 spaces                ($475/month)

If you are interested in enrolling please fill out the Funshine Childcare Interest form.  Please note that filling out this form does not guarantee placement in the facility but is important data to help us determine the level of interest for each age bracket.  Assuming there is enough space to meet demand, a new childcare committee will refer you to JJ Hulet, Owner and Manager of Funshine, to begin the official enrollment process. 

In order to assist parents in determining if they are interested in using Funshine for their childcare needs, please see the comprehensive Funshine FAQ booklet in which JJ has explained key details of her program.  You can also find information on Funshine’s website, and Facebook page.

Additionally, JJ will be in the Sharwan Smith Student Center, Brian Head Room, on February 2nd from 12 pm  to 4 pm to talk through her best-in-class program and answer any questions parents may have.  You can stop by at any time during this window. 

Childcare Subsidy

President Benson is pleased to announce that SUU will allocate up to $100,000 each year in childcare subsidies based on several criteria. 

  • A joint committee of two faculty, two staff, and one representative from Human Resources will be established to review applications and make determinations for the distribution of annual subsidies.
  • Subsidies will be available on May 1st and expire annually on April 30th of the following year unless the child(ren) discontinues using childcare, in which case the subsidy ends. Employees may apply or reapply for funding prior to the beginning of each new funding year.
  • Subsidies are subject to a maximum of $200 per household per month but may be less than this amount depending on demand.
  • Employees who intend to have at least one child in daycare may apply for a subsidy but funds may only be used for licensed childcare facilities. The funds are not limited to Funshine and may be used at your current or future childcare provider/facility. Documentation verifying the use of funds will be required throughout the year.
  • Household income and the number and age of the child(ren) within the home will be factors in the committee’s deliberations.  
  • Subsidies will be processed through payroll and are considered a taxable benefit under IRS rules; therefore, applicable taxes will be applied.

If you are interested in applying for a subsidy, please fill out the Childcare Subsidy form, a very brief application which will help the committee in allocating these funds. 

In order to facilitate important deadlines in the coming months, we ask that you fill out and submit the form(s) applicable to you, as described above, no later than Sunday February 10, 2023 for first consideration.  Applications will continue to be reviewed for each semester, depending on openings available.