Retirement Benefits

Information about retirement benefits is available to benefits-eligible SUU employees. Utah Retirement System, TIAA/Fidelity, and frequently asked questions are all available on this page, along with associated forms. 

To add or change beneficiary information, please do so directly with Utah Retirement System, TIAA or Fidelity.

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Professional staff will receive a 14.2% contribution into either Fidelity, TIAA or a combination of both.

Personal payroll contribution TIAA/FIDELITY Form

 403(b) and 457 comparison

Fidelity Investments



Classified employees are able to participate in Utah Retirement System (URS) Classified staff will receive 10% funding into a hybrid pension and a 401(k) or as defined contribution into 401(k) only. Once pension is funded, the balance of 10% will be contributed to the 401(k). Employees may elect hybrid or DC in their first year. 

Retirement Frequently Asked Questions

If I change employee classifications, can I change my retirement election?

In compliance with IRS 4.72.2 Cash or Deferred Arrangements (CODA), once an employee is enrolled with a retirement program, they must stay with the retirement program throughout their employment with the company. When a person leaves SUU employment and returns, regardless of classification, the employee will return to the original retirement election.

Where do I change my allocations?

You must contact your retirement company directly to make any changes to where your contributions are allocated. URS 1-800-365-8772, TIAA 1-800-842-2776, Fidelity 1-800-343-0860.

How often can I change the amount I contribute to my retirement plan?

You may change your contributions to your retirement plan at any time by filling out a Salary Reduction/Deduction Agreement and submitting it to the Human Resources Office. All contribution changes to your retirement plan are effective in the following pay period.

When do I become vested?

Contributions by the University for non-classified employees (including faculty members) are immediately vested. URS contributions are vested at the earliest of 4 years of service for the defined benefit and immediately vested for the 401(k) defined contribution.

How do I choose which vendor is best for me? Who do I talk to about helping me choose the right investments for me?

HUB International is a consulting firm hired by USHE to help our employees. 

Independent Financial Planning Meetings with Zac Huish, Certified Financial Planner.



Research, research, research. TIAA, Fidelity, and URS have a variety of information resources available to you. You may contact any of the retirement companies by phone, online and also schedule individual counseling sessions.

What's the difference between a 403(b) and a 457?