Employee Tuition Waivers & Discounts


These forms need to be completed online by the Employee.

HR can no longer accept paper forms.

Tuition Waiver Details

Eligibility is determined by the work status of the employee on the first day of class. Regardless of when the waiver is submitted.

  • Employees can receive a full SUU waiver for tuition waivers for as many credit hours as they'd like, as long as it does not interfere with their regular work schedule as described below.
  • Students will pay all of the special course fees.
  • Regular "student fees" are also waived if the employee takes 9 credit hours or less.
  • If a class is determined to be work-related, an employee may request to have 3 work hours per week waived and another 3 work hours flexed and rescheduled.
  • Spouses are entitled to the same benefit as employees
  • Unmarried dependent children to age 27 get half‐tuition waivers
  • Tuition Waivers must be received in HR before the full reimbursement (100% tuition refund) drop date for each course.
  • Tuition Waivers must be filled out each semester the student is enrolled and resubmitted if class schedules change or drop.

For all inclusions and exemptions, please review policy #8.2.1.

Tuition waivers are due, fully signed, prior to the full-price class drop date, each semester.

Find a full list of semester drop dates from the Registrar's Office.


The following programs have tuition associated, but are excluded from the Faculty/Staff Tuition Waiver.

  • PsyD program
  • Academic Partnerships (AP classes)
  • Speedway

IRS Income Tax Implications of Tuition Waivers

Graduate-level taxable tuition Information

Master’s tuition waivers for employees, their spouse, or their dependents (under 24) that exceed the $5,250 limit will be included in taxable earnings, reported on your W-2 form and the appropriate taxes will be withheld.

Dependant taxable tuition Information

Tuition waivers for dependents 24 years and older in undergraduate and graduate-level classes, will be included in taxable earnings reported on your W-2 and appropriate taxes will be withheld.

Using the “Qualifying Child Rules,” from the IRS, children age-out of “dependent child status” for tax purposes at age 19 unless they are a full-time student, then they are aged-out of “dependent child status” at 24 - unless they are permanently and totally disabled. If your dependent using the tuition waiver is 24 or older and is permanently and totally disabled, please contact HR.

If there is a taxable amount for your tuition waivers, you will be contacted by payroll via email prior to the additional amount added. Watch your email for information.